The factory land and factory buildings are company assets, not leased factory buildings. with production plants in different regions of China. Has its own installation engineers stationed at home and abroad for a long time, responsible for customer equipment installation and maintenance at any time. A large number of projects have been completed, and customers can inspect our company's equipment operation around the world. Powerful, with a total investment of 150 million for pure R & D and marketing
  • Vietnam good luck food company aseptic milk, yogurt production line
  • Uzbekistan food company pasteurized milk production line
  • Russian equipment distributor aseptic brick filling machine
  • Juice line of Indian food company
  • Algerian milk powder production line
  • Malaysia company juice concentrate production line
  • Kenya food company UHT tube sterilizer
  • Nigeria company sterile brick filling line
  • Tunisia company ice cream production line
  • Production line of coconut water of Brazilian food company
  • Saudi company pure water production line, date palm juice production line

The chief engineer is a shareholder and has no reservations for his own products. The use of advanced German technology is in line with domestic technology.
Multiple formulations
Granule orange beverage formula, plain milk beverage formula (sour yogurt), pineapple flavor milk beverage formula, cola beverage formula, sprite beverage formula, high-grade sweet orange soda formula, high-grade lemon green tea formula, orange juice formula, mango juice drink Formula, Coconut Juice Drink Formula, Pineapple Juice Formula, Red Bull Drink Formula, Functional Drink Formula, Peach Juice Drink Formula, Cantaloupe Fruit Drink Formula, Sydney Fruit Drink Formula, Strawberry Fruit Drink Formula, Hawthorn Fruit Drink Formula, Aloe Beverage Formula, Grape Juice beverage recipes and so on were chosen by our customers.
German technology
"Made in Germany" has become a representative of "quality", "reliability" and "credibility". Mainly due to the universal recognition of cultural characteristics such as order, rules, rationality, seriousness, rigor, and hard work in our culture.

Our company's products and equipment have flexibility. According to market demand, we can develop new equipment and equipment models at any time. Equipment can be customized according to customer needs.
Our company's equipment has been successfully sold all over the world, has a good reputation, and has become a well-known brand in the industry.

The company participates in different domestic and foreign exhibitions every year (for example: Guangzhou Canton Fair twice a year, Shanghai exhibition twice a year, national sugar and wine fair twice a year,
Dubai machinery exhibition abroad once a year, Algeria exhibition, etc.). Our company can be seen at every different exhibition