Water Factory
Product Picture Volume Production
Pure Water Production Line 5T/D–1000T/D
Pure drinking water
PET Plastic bottle washing filling capping machine 3 in 1 5000packs per hour  
Reverse osmosis water treatment system Revers Osmosis system (including high pressure pump, RO membrane, membrane housing, controlling box, pressure appliance, flow supplicace, high-low pressure switch etc.)
Plastic stand up pouch filling capping machine 5000packs per hour /

Pure Water Production Line
The line are for producing various kinds of pure drinking water

Water filling machine
The series equipment is used in hot filling and sealing of green tea, black tea, wulong tea and fruit juice.The machine integrates washing , filling, capping together.The design is scientific and reasonable.Its appearance is beautiful.Its operation and maintenance is convenient.It is good eauipment for choosing hot drink filling machine.

Reverse osmosis water treatment system
Water Treatment Plant is widely used in drinking water supply, purification for tap water, underground water, borehole water, spring water, pure water and beverage area.
This system adopts stainless steel sand filter, active carbon filter effectively to remove big impure particles and suspending matters, improve RO membrane water inputting index,effectively remove the smell and rest chlorine of the original water, and improve the taste of water quality. The main machine adopts American high effective low-pressure compound film, with single film salt removing degree up to 99%. The high low-pressure protection imported form Korea ensures the breakdown low to 0%, with the outputting water up to national pure water standard. RO system (including: raw water pump, sand filter, active carton filter, chemical doser, water softener, micro filter, 5μm reverse osmosis system, back washing system, sterilization, water tank and fittings).

Plastic stand up pouch filling capping machine
This machine is suitable for packaging jelly, soy milk, yogurt, mineral water, juice, ice cream, edible oil, seasoning, scour and so on.
We also can add some function according customers. This machine is full automatic production line with such processes:automatic pouch-loading, fixed-position filling, cleaning spout, cap feeding and inserting, pouch position testing, cap screwing(applying magnetic adjusting torque for rather stability), quality production output.