Company Culture


Manufacturing world-class products; creating China's leading company; creating a world-renowned enterprise

By constant innovation, the company will appropriately satisfy beer, drinks and household chemicals companies’ filling and packing project requirements and create maximum values for shareholders, customers, employees, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Business Concept

1. People orientation: The company's success is attributed to staff and the ultimate goal of company's existence is to serve for people and improve people's living standards.

2. Innovation: Innovation is the key to success and competition; without product services and management innovation, changing needs of our customers can not be satisfied.

3. Standardized Management: Standardized management makes the company go further more stability; without it, customer requirements (quality, service, delivery, cost access and utilization, etc.) can not be guaranteed.

4. Honesty & Caring: Honest exchanges and caring supports among employees, between employees and the company, and between the company and customers are the magic weapon for healthy development.

5. Speed: Quick response to customer demands and timely execution of company’s decision; management processes and resources distribution are prerequisite for quick responses.