Fruit Vegetable Factory
Product Picture Volume Production/Model
Fresh juice processing machine 2T/D – 500T/D Fruit juice,juice beverage
Jam paste sauce Concentrate Production Line 50tons/Dto1000tons/D Juice Concentrate,Juice beverage
Dates processing machine 380V(200v-480v/customize) /
UHT sterilization machine 2000 /
Juice pasteurizer 6000-12000cups /
Fruit Processing Equipment 1000-3000 LG-WM-1000
Aseptic Plastic pouch filling packing machine(ESL) 8000 p/h (200ml) WJB-2D
PET Plastic bottle washing filling capping machine 3 in 1 3000-18000 HGF
PP/PE bottle washing filling Aluminum film sealing capping machine 500mL /3000-10000BPH GMJF24-24-18

Fresh juice processing machine
Taken various fresh fruit , juice concentrate, juice powder as main raw material, through dilution, extraction, cooking, grinding, homogenization, degassing and filling etc flow procedures, which can be manufactured into various fruit juice, flavor juice beverage.
High standard design, manufacture and project installation requirements, which guarantee the first-class finish products in various beverage Production line.
PLC control the whole production line, saving labor force and facilitate production management.
Full-auto CIP cleaning, to ensure whole production line equipments meet food sanitary safety requirements.
Jam paste sauce Concentrate Production Line
The juice concentration line include washing ,crushing,squeeze extractor, enzymolysis, evaporator,sterilizer, aspetic filling and etc. We manufacture various fruit Production equipments with different functions like crusher,squeeze extractor are simple construction,easy operation, ,High production efficiency have positioned us as the Chinese market leader in the worldwide.
Dates processing machine
dates is famous tropical fruit because of its delicate flesh, unique flavor, they are very popular and well known as the "king of tropical fruit". Complete plant of dates  processing equipment including following procedures: washing the fresh dates , sees remover,pulping, crushing, squeezing, enzymolysis, membrane filtrating, concentrating, sterilizing, filling etc. The fresh dates can be processed into the transparent juice or cloudy juice, then packed into different package forms, such as box, aseptic bags, sterile vats, other containers, achieving the purpose to sell in cold chain or normal temperature.
Aseptic Plastic pouch filling packing machine(ESL)
Equipment for a variety of fresh milk, yogurt, milk flavor, soy milk, fruit juice and other sterile packaging materials, automatic plastic bag sterilization, molding, aseptic filling, sealing and finished product delivery. The series of equipment can be applied to a variety of composite plastic film and aluminum, paper, plastic composite packaging materials. Equipment are the main components of international brands, stable operation, high sterilization efficiency, low energy consumption, is the first choice for the production of sterile long-lasting equipment.

PET Plastic bottle washing filling capping machine 3 in 1
The series equipment is used in hot filling and sealing of green tea, black tea, wulong tea and fruit juice.The machine integrates washing , filling, capping together.The design is scientific and reasonable.Its appearance is beautiful.Its operation and maintenance is convenient.It is good eauipment for choosing hot drink filling machine.
Fruit Processing Equipment
Vegetable and fruit spray washing cleaning machine / vegetable washing production line is suitable for washing fresh vegetable, fruits, aquatic product, medicinal materials, pickled vegetables, and mushroom food, such as tomato, mushroom, apple, strawberry and so on in food processing line. It is special vegetable cleaning equipment to replace the heavy manual work with high efficiency and energy saving.

UHT milk Sterilization machine
Automatic tubular UHT unit is suitable for heating and cooling of the stainless steel non-corrosive liquids. The unit is suitable for the sterilization of heat-sensitive liquid materials such as milk, fruit juice, beverages, soy sauce, soy milk, wine, popsicles and ice cream syrup can also be used for the sterilization of liquid drug material, both to ensure complete sterilization, but also to protect the nutrients without loss, the effect is very significant. It can be used with any aseptic filling equipment for continuous production, to produce a shelf life of up to 3 to 6 months.

PP/PE bottle washing filling Aluminum film sealing capping machine
This machine is the introduction of foreign technology, the set of automatic control filling, aluminum foil lid of cover sealing, filling sealing machine is equal to the integration plastic bottles. Widely used in food packaging especially for all kinds of pharmaceutical packaging block dairy packaging is a upgrade ideal equipment, with accurate quantitative filling and can eliminate foam, sealing high yield reasonable use double inclined blunt system covering technology, greatly improving the aluminum foil the utilization rate of membrane, mechanical and electrical lift the design class driving more stable operation. An important part of this equipment imported components, electrical components: snyder, PLC man-machine interface touch screen: Siemens.

Plastic cups forming-filling-sealing machine
Suitable for all kinds of yogurt, milk, beverages, butter, cheese, condiments, ice cream and other materials packaging, production from 3000 cups / hour to 6000 cups / hour, automatic molding plastic cup forming, filling, sealing, date printing, Die-cutting and product delivery. The main configuration of the device servo drive, programmable logic control, human-machine interface, temperature control, optoelectronics, pneumatic lubrication control systems are used internationally renowned brands. The series of equipment with cup, cup, butter, cheese and other functions of the models, is a modern enterprise high-quality high-performance, low-power fully automated production equipment.