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Fresh Milk Production Line Plan
Description: The Production line produce several types of pasteurized milk products, i.e. whole milk, skimmed milk and standardized milk of various fat...

Fruit Juice Production Line
Description: Taken various fresh fruit , juice concentrate, juice powder as main raw material, through dilution, extraction, cooking, grinding, homogen...

Aseptic Plastic Pouch Filling P
Purpose of equipment Equipment for a variety of fresh milk, yogurt, milk flavor, soy milk, fruit juice and other sterile packaging materials, automatic...

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Environmental Company Concept
Jimei company have been focusing on the improvement in machinery theory and performance in the food machinery industry.
Business Advantage
The factory land and factory buildings are company assets, not leased factory buildings.
Technical Formula
The chief engineer is a shareholder and has no reservations for his own products.
German Technology
"Made in Germany" has become a representative of "quality", "reliability" and "credibility".