UHT milk Sterilization machine
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UHT milk Sterilization machine
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Purpose of equipment
Automatic tubular UHT unit is suitable for heating and cooling of the stainless steel non-corrosive liquids. The unit is suitable for the sterilization of heat-sensitive liquid materials such as milk, fruit juice, beverages, soy sauce, soy milk, wine, popsicles and ice cream syrup can also be used for the sterilization of liquid drug material, both to ensure complete sterilization, but also to protect the nutrients without loss, the effect is very significant. It can be used with any aseptic filling equipment for continuous production, to produce a shelf life of up to 3 to 6 months.
Characteristics of the equipment
1、 Automatic production process: we adopt the international advanced PLC programmable control technology, touch-screen operator interface, controlling and testing of the whole process according to pre-set process parameters. Sterilization production of full automation, sterilization temperature of the material, the material temperature all control to match the requirements of the material sterilization degree and filling machine. Preheating, homogenization, sterilization, insulation, cooling to achieve full automatic control, and continuous production. Stabilizing product quality, while increasing product yield.

2、 Extremely high thermal energy utilization: using multi-stage structure so that material can be heated, insulation, heat recovery and cooling and other operations at same time. The heating and cooling of the product are carried out in a tubular heat exchanger. The heat can be fully recovered in the preheating, sterilizing segment. This greatly improves the thermal energy utilization, can be up to 90%.

3、Safe and reliable operation: control components and the main components are quality name brands at home and abroad.  The machine is equipped with a plurality of temperature detectors, so that the heat exchanger is in a state of monitoring at any time, the temperature of the system can be monitored in time, and the sterilization temperature information can be promptly transmitted back to the programmable logic control system (PLC system). In the event of temperature fluctuations, the alarm system will be displayed immediately through the screen. Effectively ensure that the system under strict sterile production, if below the specified operating temperature, will automatically enter the disinfection process, the equipment to re-disinfection (comes with CIP cleaning process can be automatically cleaned), and then transferred to the production state, Unqualified material is automatically reprocessed to ensure continued production.

4、Guaranteed authentic food: the entire sterilization process is completed thoroughly at high temperature instantaneous to kill microorganisms and spores in the material to ensure that the original quality and flavor of the food.

Technical parameter

Name   Model GS-UHT-2T
Production capacity(L/H) 2000
Material inlet temperature
Warm keeping time (s) 4-15
Sterilizing temperature 138-141(℃)
Material outlet temperature 4-20
Steam pressure 0.4(0.6mpa)
Steam cost -160kg/h
Compressed air pressure 0.6mpa
Compressed air consumption 50L/H

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